Friday, November 23, 2007

Keegan in Israel

This is a great picture of Keegan sitting across the Kidron Valley overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock (Muslim Mosque, the gold dome) is right behind him. Very interesting that the New Temple will be built next to it, just to the right. Hopefully Keegan will not be around in Israel to see it! Well Keegan, we are so blessed for you being able to study the Word of God in the Holy City, walking in the footsteps of Jesus. May the Lord continue to lead and guide you. Hey, we dig that long hair. Love, your family in Okinawa.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Keegan kun, ii shashin desune. (good pic.) ne. It's so cool that you are studying God's Word in Israel. Gambate!!
Continue to be that Reader and the Doer's of God's Word.