Monday, November 26, 2007

Tim and Ayu back on Island

It is a blessing to have Pastor Tim and Ayu back in Okinawa. They left at the beginning of November for a visit with the family and also so Tim could officiate at his sisters wedding. They had a wonderful time in the states. Also, today is their 2nd Wedding Anniversary. So when you get a chance, please leave them an Anniversary greeting below.


Anonymous said...

It was SO nice to see both of you and get to spend some time together...wish it could be more often.
Have a GREAT day!!

Anonymous said...

May the Lord bless you both, and continue serving Him with all your heart, soul & mind. Muchas Felicidades. Karolina.

Anonymous said...

Tima and Ayu- We are wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. The time we spent together was such a blessing. We love you very much.
Have a wonderful day celebrating your love. Love Mom and Barry.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary.. yo!
Many blessings!

Dain said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

Pastor Tim,

It was an awesome blessing meeting you in the rush of black friday traffic at Target. It truly did bless my day! Its wonderful to see how the Lord works with His body of believers both here and abroad. I hope you enjoyed your time here and maybe I'll run into you again one day :)

God bless ya man and I'm praying for you guys out there!

In Christ

The Pallmanns said...

Tim & Ayu,

Welcome home! We missed you guys!
Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

The Pallmann Clan

Anonymous said...

Okaeri nasai!! and Happy Anniversary.

Continue to be that Wonderful Samui Dajyare Couples ne.


Theophilus11 said...

Hey! Happy Anniversary! It's nice having you two back around and I realize now how much I'm going to miss you two once I have to leave island again. But anywho, you guys are a blessing and it's great to have you back. Kampai to another year of marriage! : D

barnettblend said...

I actually saw you guys from a distance at the Galleria in Riverside. I didn't think you'd remember me though so I didn't go over and say hi. But happy anniversary anyways. Congrats.

Tim, Ayu, Masaki & Tomoki said...

Hey Family and friends! Thank you so much for your comments! May the Lord bless you for blessing us with your love!

Barnett Blend...Paul and Alicia Thanks for the comment! Bummer tho...I do remember you! But no problem...May the Lord bless you!

Dain bro! What a crazy suprise it was when you said,"This might sound weird , but are you from Okinawa." I almost had a heart attack wondering why you knew I was from Okinawa. I thought it might have been my thick Okinawan accent. Dude it was a blessing. May God lead you and guide you! Your in just as much a mission field as Okinawa...Southern California. God bless!

Thank you everyone! We love you and thank our best friend Jesus for you!

-Timu and Ayu Newell