Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brent's Back!

It was a wonderful surprise, I drove up to Livingwater Church and there were the Mize's. They stopped by to say hi. For those of you who know Brent he was in Afganistan and Iraq for about 8 months. They keep him busy doing a lot of work out there. Even though he was away from home for a while, it sounded like he had a fruitful time overseas. Well it is so great to have the Mize's back together again, may the Lord continue to pour out His Spirit upon your family. God bless you, Pastor Tommy


George Sedota said...

Welcome home Brent! I can wait to get together and hear all about what the Lord has been doing.

Anonymous said...

hey guys! im excited to see you soon... yeah, cathy we can parteee haha :)