Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yes, he passed!

During our visit in California Zach took his driving permit test and he is now legal to drive under the supervision of a licensed driver. Watch out Kayo Zach is now on the road! It is amazing, in Okinawa it cost the Japanese about $3,000.00 dollars to get their license. Here in the US, it cost only $27.00. Go figure! But to tell you the truth, Okinawan's are safe drivers, mostly because of the serious testing they have to go through to pass the test. Also, in Okinawa we drive an average of about 45 km per hour. That is about 30 mph on the local streets.


Anonymous said...

Zack Omedetou!!! Sugoi ne!!
i took soo long to get the license and look you at Zack!! Sugoi!!
But don't worry, while you're in OKinawa I will drive for you!!!....

Sosimo Strausburger Avila,jr. said...

ZACHY!!!...good job word of advice, if you don't want to get honked at alot or yelled, don't drive 30 miles an hour over here. BELIEVE ME I know, its not a good thing.

Tim, Ayu, Masaki & Tomoki said...

unten cho---kiwotsukete ne!!!

yokatta yokatta!!

...the Newells

Anonymous said...

Alright buddy!! C u on the Okinawan road!!