Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr. Bettelheim's Monument

In Naha City we visited the famous monument for Dr. Bettelheim. He is considered the first Christian Missionary to visit Okinawa. Like Hudson Taylor is to China, Dr. Bettelheim is to Okinawa Japan. He was an interesting character, but we will leave that for another time. He preached the Gospel here in Okinawa for many years, with few converts. He later on moved back home because of health problems. We are so grateful to men and women like Dr. Bettelheim, who gave of their lives for the Okinawan people and came to Okinawa. They did not experience much fruit from their labors, but without them plowing up the hard ground, we would not be as fruitful as we are now in this country. We are beginning to see God pour out His Spirit in a powerful way. Like the Bible tells us "one sows and another reaps", we are reaping the harvest as a result of the faithful men and women who preached the Gospel before us. Thank you Jesus!

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