Monday, May 26, 2008

The Amazing Sosimo!




Well, really our God is amazing! Sosimo has lost close to 20 kilos, that is 40 pounds since coming here in October 2007. He has done a good job of being dedicated to the Word of God and training with the rest of the guys on a daily basis. True, he does miss a lot of our morning runs, but he is faithful to the gym 3 times a week. A lot has to do with our healthy diet and the wonderful meals that Joanna cooks us. But every now and then we like to splurge on some unhealthy foods (see picture above, and yes he did eat the whole thing). Well Sosimo good job, he came to Okinawa weighing 238 pounds and weighted in today at 198 pounds. Keep up the good work in the Lord and the training on the side.


Anonymous said...

oh hohoho....sooo huge

Anonymous said...

good good!!すごい ね。
prayr the LORD!!
we love you.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! mi flaquito!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Sosi! Keep it up!