Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Boyz of Tonaki Jima





Andrew just emailed me about the incredible trip that Yoshua and he had on Tonaki Island. They just went out there in faith, not knowing where they were going to stay, but God hooked them up! Praise the Lord! God is so good!. These are some pictures that he sent me. He told me the story about how God brought a Christian to them who has been praying that God would start a church on the island. He has been praying for 9 years. Andrew feels that God would have them continue to take steps of faith out there. Please continue to pray for Tonaki Jima and what the Lord has in store for them next.

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Donna Hebert said...

Guys that is so wonderful! Tonaki is our home jima! My granfatehrs house is there and as kids we were there often! I have prayed for a church to start there! God is answering so many of my prayers through you all! I am so excited! Glory glory glory to God!