Monday, June 30, 2008

Famous Conical Hill

This place is famous for a few reasons. First back in WWII, this was the site of a famous battle in which over 2,000 soldiers lost their lives. This was a very difficult hill to take but important for the Americans if they were to advance to the Capital City in Shuri and eventually Naha. Secondly, even more important, way before WWII, Commodore Perry took his men to the pinnacle of this area (which is the tallest area South of Okinawa). It is at this point that you can overlook most of the southern area of Okinawa. Commodore Perry was famous for many reasons (upper right pict, also do a google search to learn more about this famous man and all that he did). One quote that he did say that was very important. He said that "Okinawa would be the doorway to the Orient", I believe that these words were more prophetic than anything. Conical Hill is located in the area of Nishihara on the South Eastern side of the Island.

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