Saturday, June 28, 2008

Safely but not Perfectly

Traveling back to Okinawa I brought back a special surfboard. Well, it is not really a surfboard but a Stand Up paddle board. Because there are not a lot of waves in Okinawa, I want to get back into the water again. In Hawaii they have been doing SUP (stand up paddle) for some time now, but it is starting to get real popular in the states and in the early stage here in Okinawa. The idea behind SUP is to do just that, to stand up and ride your surfboard using a paddle to propel you in the water. If you want to know more about it, just go to and type in the words Stand Up Paddle Board and you will know what I am talking about. Well, when I shipped my board with me from California, they did not take good care of it and they "dinged" by board pretty bad, the bag got cut, the zipper broke and the strap tore off. Wow! A lot of damage, so I will have to repair it. But all in all, it will be nice to get back in the water again.

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Anonymous said...

Tommy you are still so crrraaazzzy!

Hi this is your maid of honor Diana Garcia. I have been lurking for months and I thought I would finally come out of hiding.

Sounds and looks like the Lord is blessing all of you.

Thanks for obeying the call.

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Hi Joanna!

Diana (Chana) Garcia