Sunday, July 27, 2008

God is Awesome; Sambi Fest 5

There is so much more video but it began to get dark. Even though there was ample lighting for the other bands my camera did not pick up good lighting. The evening was such a blessing with all the other worship teams that were there. God is so good. There is a typhoon brewing near Taiwan and I asked Pastor Tim if we should still do the Sambi Fest. He said "let's do it", and I followed his lead and we went forward. At times the clouds blew over with the threat of rain, but we did not have one drop! After the Worship fest was over, Hakugaijin played one more song; right when they finished the Fireworks went off from the Chatan Matsuri (Festival), it was like it was staged perfectly. Before the firework finale, it started to pour. We quickly loaded up the equipment. It was such a blessing to see the Faithfulness of God. After we were done the rain came. Praise the Lord. I was so glad that we went forward in faith in the Name of Jesus.

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