Thursday, August 28, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Our dear brother Sosimo who is one of our Bible College Students father is sick in the hospital. His diagnosis is not good. His liver is failing and he is on a respirator. Please pray for a complete healing for Sosimo's Father. Our God is able to do miracles. In Jesus Name.


Abraham said...

Be strong in the LORD. Never cease to pray faithfully to God. Our Lord Jesus will definitely hear our prayers to heal your father, Sosimo. Just as God healed my father, He will also heal your father. Therefore, be strong and courageous. Trust in our Lord. We will also pray to God to show His miracles upon your father.

Lildota said...

Never ceasing in my prayers for all of you, but now asking for the Lord to bring you comfort and hope. May the Lord answer your prayers. Love to all...Patti xo

Donna Hebert said...

Prayed for him and will continue to lift him up.