Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Real Blessing!

We were blessed recently as someone donated funds to bless us with a stove and a freezer. We have a vision to start cooking the meals for the students at the Bible College facilities. It is really coming together. American stoves are hard to come by here in Japan. Most Japanese houses do not have ovens, they do not do a lot of large baking. So the Lord blessed us with the oven and a freezer. We need to start stocking up on things like frozen chicken and vegtables. Praise the Lord for His provision.


Anonymous said...

You guys need to have a pizza making party! I'm not kidding either.

Gina's mom....Claudia

Trevor Raichura said...

Ya, I'll come and help with pizza making... I'm an expert!

By the way, you're gonna hit the century mark in blog posts this month, I just know it! Keep up the blogmania!

Anonymous said...

Who's is doing the cooking?

Anonymous said...

Need a cooking book?