Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping for the Students

It is not easy to find bulk foods in Okinawa, so when you find the stores that the restaurants and the hotels are shopping at, you are blessed. Ichino took Joanna to a place in Okinawa where those businesses shop. I went today and it reminded me a little but of the garment and food district in Los Angeles. There are a lot of vendors, the shopping area opens at 4am. Businesses come from all over Okinawa to buy fish, meats, produce and supplies. But you better get there before dawn or the fish market will be closed, and they say you cannot even find a parking space. Well we stocked up on the can goods and picked up some produce for the next few days. We go through a lot of fresh vegtables, about 6 heads of cabbage in 3 days. The local vegtables are very healthy in Okinawa, they contain a lot of coral calcium (I will leave that for another blog entry). Well, running the Bible College is a real blessing, and it is a super blessing when we can find cheaper food to fill this small army.

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nicknunez said...

we get to see you two back in the states tomorrow! woo hoo! can't wait!