Friday, September 26, 2008

They are fine.

Ayu and Tim are doing great. Monday night they were in a car accident. At Koza Crossing (where the 330 and 329 meet), a police car pulled in front of them. Tim had a green light and the officer came into the intersection. Tim crashed into the side of the car. Again, they are doing good, Ayu stayed in the hospital for a few days just to make sure that the baby was doing fine. Please forgive Tim if he did not contact some of his immediate family right away, he has been super busy meeting with the police officers, doctors and filling out forms. They are real thorough here in Japan. Please keep them in your prayers, for continued health with Ayu and the baby and all the paperwork that they will have to go through. The police admit that it is 100 percent their fault. But there are still a lot of hoops to jump through.


Anonymous said...

nooo way... you guys are def in my prayers.. Glad to hear all is good.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you guys!

sammy the boof

Anonymous said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you three. Love you MOm