Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who is Sleepy?

Well this person is really tired. It is not easy being a Bible College Student. Lots of homework, late nights and early mornings. Sometimes they take their toll. You just have to stop and drop. Who do you think is this relaxed person? Write your comments below. Stay tuned to e3missions and find out who it is.


Anonymous said...

i think it's joel...

sammy the boof

Anonymous said...

O no dont ruin the apple!...there getting notorious for breaking

Anonymous said...


CSI Carrey said...

Elementary Doctor Watson.
It is most likely a girl.
pink folder. red eyeglass case.
purse on the chair. If you look closely, she is wearing a knitted shawl or lace shirt of some sort.
there is a ring on her "marriage" hand.. could be a wedding ring or just jewelry.
This person wears glasses.
Either owns or has borrowed a Mac
has long hair to put in a bun...
comparing it to other photos on the blog, the pictured person is:
CSI Ginowan

Anonymous said...

dude someone just made my head explode but do you know who i am just based on this comment? mr. CSI ginowan?

sincerely Mr. Atsui