Sunday, October 26, 2008

She could not turn down her fans

The Okinawan Actress/Princess Queen was spotted again on Tropical beach. Once she was recognized she could not help her fans from smothering her and demanding that she pose for a picture. This one will go down in the history books. The first time that the Okinawan Actress actually posed with her fans for a photogaph. Production for her new movie "the Mystical Boar" begins in a few months. There have been problems with the actor Sosimo Avila because he is trying to headline his name above the Okinawan Actress in all advertizements. A direct quote from Mr. Avila "I am the Mystical Boar, this movie is about me, me I tell you, it's my life story, no one will take away the headline from me". Stay tuned fans, this court battle with the Avila lawyers might get ugly. Okinawa Ocean Magazine


Anonymous said...

Julia looks like a little teenybopper that started crying because she saw her favorite actress.......dreams do come true!

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!

Sammy the Boof

Ederu said...

so how come there is a huge pair of squished down sun glasses in the middle of this picture i don't remember seeing those at the baptisms.