Friday, October 24, 2008

Someone Got Hurt

One of the Bible College Students stubbed their toe badly, it might even be broken. This person is doing good even though experiencing excruciating pain. Praise the Lord Ira was there to use his medical experience to take care of the situation. The pinky toe received the blunt of the impact. (look how swollen it is). It swelled up pretty fast. Not to make light of it, but who do you think was the person who almost broke their toe?


Anonymous said...

I broke my baby toe once - and Tom made me walk on it right away. I was sooo mad at him. The next day I went to the Dr., because I thought I could baby it. The doc said just to walk on it, it will heal itself. Then I felt bad because I was mad at my handsome hubby :( I think the dude with the broken toe is Eder. Sorry Eder khun.

Zach Ruiz said...

There's only one person who's toes resemble to that of a pig and that person is Sos.....heeh

(I would say Daniel, but the feet are dark)

DaeYoung said...

that dude must be chatter.
Get well, buddy.