Friday, November 28, 2008

Boyz of Ginowan (Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl)

We gathered on the Field of Camp Foster to play our annual Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving Morning. It was a cold day, but incredibly nice. We battled it out with CCOkinawa, and in the end, they prevailed, CCGinowan 3, CCOkinawa 4. It was a blessed time. There was only one injury, Pastor Tom pulled his hamstring muscle and he was done for the day. Praise the Lord there were not serious injuries.


Trevor said...

Do you really think CCO would have stood a chance if CCG had had their star Canadian safety in the lineup?

Lildota said...

OK, so where was the star Canadian safety? HMMMM??? Home making Perogies?! hahaha I had to say it Trevor, sorry, fellow Canook!

Love ya, Patti