Monday, January 26, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Well, Rob is leaving the island and it is time to say good bye to an old friend. We are talking about the Pink Limo. It has been slowly dying and Rob has been treating it like his own baby. It won't survive the new inspection that is due this year, so it is time to de-register it and send it to the scrap yard. It has been a great blessing. Thank you Shinobu for the blessing! It was a great car.


Lildota said...

Hey Voonder! God be with you hon as you start this voonderful new adventure with the Rangers! Congratulations and may the Lord watch over you and protect you in mainland Japan. I pray that He open up doors for you to find a church and great fellowship. Be a light, Rob. You've been trained up well! I'm so excited to hear all about your new life and all that He will provide you with. God Bless you.
In His love, Patti Sedota

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of PINK well, Rob! I am going to miss PINK and Rob not there when I go back to Okinawa... But it's good for you Rob because of God's plan, ne? I pray for you! God bless you