Monday, March 30, 2009

Brother Tim Tebow

For those of you who do not know College Football, that is ok, because I am not an avid follower either. But you need to keep your eyes on and pray for our brother Tim Tebow. He plays for the Florida Gators. He grew up most of his life on the Missions field. His sister as well as his family are missionaries (sister is a missionary in the Philippines). Last year Tim won the National Championship for College Football, he also was the Heisman Trophy winner (the best player in College Football) two years ago. Everyone thought that he would pass on his Senior Year in College and head right into the NFL, but he chose to pass on Millions of Dollars and play one more year for his College Team. Why? The only explanation, God told him to. He is an incredible leader, and an awesome witness. He is not afraid to share his faith and he is the one who has painted under his eyelids (above his cheek) Jn.3:16. Take time to check out the video above and remember, pray for Tim, the temptations of this world must be horrendous for him. Pray that he continues to be an excellent witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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