Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Loosing His First Tooth

Asa was a little freaked out! He lost his first tooth the other day and Hannah being the good sister that she is, was real sympathetic to his grief (she took the picture). Well in America we put the tooth under our pillow to get some money from our parents. In Japan, they throw the tooth on the roof (I do not know why). Asa is still freaked out and tells his mom "throw it on the roof mom", he does not want it under his pillow. You'll be OK son, everyone looses their baby teeth.


E-Da said...

the roof.....???? what ha ha ha ha ha that makes no sense to me. lol that's funny. poor Asa, yea he was freaking out. Thanks alot Sos!

Zach Ruiz said...

A HAhahahaha