Monday, March 23, 2009

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

かわいい二人 It all started 23 years ago today. I married the most beautiful girl in the world. I am special because what the Lord has brought into my life. To tell you the truth, I am more in love with her than when I first met her over two decades ago. I have always wondered how a couple could be so in love after so many years. You hear people say that love grows “but you cannot really understand that until you experience it”. I love you Joanna, thank you God for bringing this special person into my life! Happy 23rd Anniversary!


Abraham said...

Happy anniversary! I feel blessed by your fine example of living under GOD's direction. May GOD continue to bless you and your family.

Claudia Rizzi said...

Happy Anniversary! We're coming upon our 23rd and feel the same way. What a gift from God....and to have a commitment to God TOGETHER is the best. Many more happy years wished upon you.

Claudia Rizzi
(Regina Dean's mom)

Dave and Liz said...

Happy Anniversary! We are so bless to see what a submissive couple is onto the Lord. May God Bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! This is such a cute photo of you both! This is a wonderful blessing and testimony. Blessings in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I have been blessed to see both of your testimony to Our Lord. I'm sure He smiles when He looks at you both.. together and apart.
Love you both,
God Bless
Jessie Gould

ourjoyfulljourney said...

That's So sweet! I hope when we have been married 23 years we are able to say the same!
We pray God blesses you guys with many more GREAT years together!
Love you!!! :)

Zach Ruiz said...

Ha, hey christina duran the camera is over here!