Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit to the Family Gravesite

2009031970520090319706 On my last visit to Tokyo my Aunt asked that I would come and visit the family gravesite where my grandmother and a few relatives are buried. So I made it a point to go and be there this trip. These sites are very important for Japanese people and as Christians we can remember the dead but look forward to the future. I have been learning that my Grandmother was a Christian. My Father and Mother always told me that she was Catholic, but Aunt Ayuko said that she was a Protestant. My mother left Japan at a young age and my Grandmother must have converted to Christianity later in life. My aunt said that Grandma would teach her Christian hymns when she was little and insists that she was Protestant. My Aunt Ayuko is a Buddhist as well as her two sons in the picture (Gen and Masa). What is also interesting is our family history. There is a book that has been written about my Great Grandmother and some important things that she did for the country, there is actually a site in Japan that honors what she did. Well, she was also a Christian and she worked in a Christian Hospital as one of the nurses. So, my Great Grandmother was a Christian, so was my Grandmother, my mom is a Christian and so am I. It makes me think “I wonder if my Great Grandmother prayed for her children’s children to be saved”. I also wonder how she would feel to know that her great grandson is a Pastor preaching and teaching back in Japan and her great great grandson is studying for the ministry? Never underestimate the power of prayer. I am looking forward to meeting them in Heaven.


ourjoyfulljourney said...

That is very cool! Very interesting! I never knew all that! Thanks for sharing! :) Prayer IS definitely a powerful tool!!!

Donna Hebert said...

Wow, what a testimony to the Lord's faithfulness to all generations. I praise the Lord for your Christian heritage.