Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christian Style Magazine

Hakugaijin are on the cover of "Christian Style Magazine" with the release of their new CD "Ai-land". They will begin their "mini tour" next week as they play different venues all over the Island. Daniel and Vunder will be flying back to join the band, it should be a lot of fun. Please continue to pray for Hakugaijin and all that the Lord has in store for them.


Zach Ruiz said...

Sweetness man, they gotta have a track with a sweet percussionist that can lay a siiick beat, like me jk

Anonymous said...



George Sedota said...

This is soooo cool!

May God be glorified through Hakugaijin and the release of this CD.

I pray that it may reach many who do not know the love of Jesus Christ!!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT!! Congrats to all of you.

Anonymous said...

wow!!!....i am so proud of you guys!!! i wish you guys the best...we will definitely be praying for you guys!!!