Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going Away Potluck

Sunday after Church we had a "going away" potluck for the Barrios family. Afterwards we prayed for them and David shared with us some good words. It is amazing how many people come to Okinawa and meet the Lord, growing in a personal relationship with Him. The Barrios Family and so special to all of us, we are going to miss them. We love you guys! Please leave a farewell comment below for this special family.


OkJesusFreak :D said...

Aww! I can't believe you guys are leaving and I didn't get to say goodbye! :( I will miss you guys very much! Have fun in Oklahoma :D

Anonymous said...

Aye Cheva - - Don't go!!! We are going to miss Liz, Julia aka Stitch, My Choochicha-cha Alonda, and the fidget man, Niko. You will all be missed BIG TIME - but we look forward to visiting the other Oki land.

Anonymous said...

I am happy you guys leave so i can have you nearer to me.. heheh selfish huh?! Call me when you get here. Love you all!! Yipiieee the Barrios' are headed to the US!!!
Jessie Gould

Torres Family said...

You guys rock...Hope Mona will see you before you leave.. she is in Okinawa right now...

Love you guys.

Torres Family

Melissa said...

Love you guys sooo much .. Be safe and be blessed in Oklahoma!!! I will see you all in the states ;)

Keep serving the King .. Mark16:15

Anonymous said...

you guys are leaving the island?
awww....well, spread the love and joy in Oklahoma!
You guys rock! Chi-ba-ri-o, Barrios!
--Jesse S.

Anonymous said...

David san, Liz san, Julia, Aladra, Niko....we'll miss you soo much.
Thankyou sooo much for sharing the Love of Christ to all of us and setting an good example. Thankyou for Always being soo joyful and funny...(David san's sooo funny!! Funny looking face! j/k.) heeh heeh.
Love you Barrios Family!!
We'll ALL miss you ALOT!

May God continue to use Barrios Family to share the Gospel and the joy of the Lord in Oklahoma.


Anonymous said...


""tooohh tooooooh""
dave man it wus a blessing u and ur wife and kids wen i wus there u guys are a good family may god bless you guys and i will keep u in my prayers !!