Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Official!

Andrew and Kayo are Engaged! Praise the Lord! You heard it first here on e3missions. They have talked to their families made the announcement at church and now it is officially on the site. Andrew is a wonderful guy and Kayo is an incredible gal. We know that God has great things in store for them both. Please leave them an engagement greeting below.


Juan said...

Yeahhhhh, Finally!!!!!!!! I'm so so so glad to hear this wonderful news
!! God bless you guys.

Torres Family said...

Praise the Lord!!! Kayao Omodeto... God bless you guys!!!

Lildota said...

What joyous news! Congratulations to you both, may the Lord continue to bless you as you prepare for your wedding day. Happy planning! God Bless. George and Patti Sedota

midori said...

what a surprise!!!
CONGRATULATIONS! KAYO! and Andrew-san... meet me!! I haven't met;)
now, I'll be looking forward to seeing you in white dress!

Anonymous said...

おめでとう once again!!!!
so excited to see what the Lord does!! 本当に嬉しいです♡


Dan Bolinger said...

OMEDETTO GOZAIMASU. God bless you two. We are excited. When is the wedding?

Zach Ruiz said...

Watchaaaaa, sweet juice right there!!!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!!! This is awesome! You two make such a sweet couple. You are and will be a dynamic duo for the Lord! The Lord's richest blessings for you as you become one in Him!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Everyone (^0^)/.

Oh, Hey, Zach!! I'll call you sometime!!...maybe!!

Johanna B, it was nice hearing you on the phone with Azusa last time.


Anonymous said...

Mi amiga...I am so happy for you! Next time I see you you will be an Oba san! I pray you and your futer hubby serve the Lord together as one and that He will love you as Jesus loves the church. You deserve it my friend


Trevor said...

Kayo's been obasan since I met her 9 years ago, Mario! J/k

Congrats guys! I'll keep praying for you as you prepare for the big day and new life together!

Simon said...

No reason! Beyond all reason!
Yatta-ne! Omedeto!

Simon Teen Cchallenge Japan

Andrew Neely said...

Thanks everyone!

God is good!


Ping said...

WOW...Kayo and Andrew! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 恭喜恭喜...I am so happy for you two!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome:)Omedeto, Kayo!

Anonymous said...

今度は旦那様と一緒に東京来てけろ( ´∀` )
幸せにね!!     姐姐より

Anonymous said...

Hontoni omedeto!!
so happy for you two!:)

May God continue to bless you two greatly♪♪♪



Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! Kayo, how exciting im so happy for you!!!!! You're getting married!!!!! Andrew, I dont know you but Kayo is amazing.. and you probably already know that, but take care of her!! :D Congrats!!


Daniel in Daejeon said...

Praise the Lord guys! Be praying for you both! God has amazing plans for you!

- you scare teacher...daniel

Jesse S. said...

Wow! That's awesome!
You two are both awesome, and this is wonderful news!
Sweetness...I'll be praying for you guys, too. おめでとう!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Omodeto!!! Kayo and Andrew,
So happy for you both. May our Lord sweeten your union with His peace and love.
Love you both,
God Bless,
Jessie Gould

Anonymous said...

Ping 真謝謝ni. (^0^)/
Everyone thanks for the comments, and you guys are soo sweet!! except..hey, Mario, i aint no Obasan, if i am obasan, you're cho Ojisan!! heeh heeh.


Reina said...

Kayo and Andrew hontoni omedetou! Congrats! We are excited to see what God has planned for both of you. Mata mail surune^^

Anonymous said...

I'm so Happy for you both!!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

My Kayo is going to get married soon!!!! How exciting!!! God has blessed me so much with your friendship and it's 言葉では表せないよ(><) Andrew is very blessed to have you in his life!!! Love you both. Congratulations☆


Anonymous said...

we rejoice with you and Andrew.May the Lord continue to fill your hearts with HIS precence.
We love you.

cisco and micah

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kayo and Andrew!So happy to hear da great news,It's about time!j/p but serious.Love ya both.My prayers and blessings!

Melinda C.

Anonymous said...

Kayo!! WOW!! Congratulations!! I'm soo excited for you..and God is so good to us! I know it's going to be stressful planning your wedding, but I've learned that when you allow God to help you with the planning it turns out BEAUTIFUL! I'm still amazed on how blessed I was on my wedding day! I hope you can come visit me soon. Love you. I will be praying for you.

Melissa aka.."Isa" Avendano.. hehehe.. I gotta get used to that.. heheh. ;-)

Hebert Clan said...

So happy for you guys! Omedetou gozaimasu!!!!

Anonymous said...

香代 アンドリュウ!おめでとうAGAIN(^^) 本当に嬉しいよ。神様って本当に素晴らしいね 姉より