Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving Time

This semester is different than all the others in that normally there are only two who stay back, but this time only two are leaving. Melissa is heading back to Norco California. She will be attending the campus in Italy next semester. Melissa was a blessing to everyone at the campus, her positive attitude kept everyone in high spirits. We love you Melissa, and we already miss you so much.


.iza. said...

happy birthday melissa! i love and miss you! take care

Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you!! Especially the sound of the electric toothbrush in the morning.
Oh, and Melissa, i love your voice!! don't stop practing the guitar, you can do it!!
Take Care!


Trumped.Again said...

Happy Birthday to you and Deans Sister! We missed you at Disneyland 5.19. I looked all day for you and prayed for a 'divine meeting', guess it will have to be another day!
Ciao mrs P