Monday, May 25, 2009

Paddle Boarding Monday

Monday is our day off here at CCGinowan so we all headed out to Kadena Marina for some relaxing time in the Son. I thought that it would be cool to feature some of the couples in the pictures this time. They had a lot of fun paddling around and goofing off. It was a relaxing day in Jesus. One last question: "Hey, where is Masaki?"


Anonymous said...

Ayu chan, wow, you're standing!!
kakoii!! mmmm, where is Masaki??
Is he swimming??

Buhi Buhi

E-Da said...

Masaki was out on the open water catching some sweet waves bro! you missed it! and the tamed a shark while he was out there. you guys didn't know this? i'm surprised, that kid is amazing