Friday, May 22, 2009

Scrubbin Hard

The Lord recently blessed us with two used pots for cooking. We purchased this smaller wok and this cool large one. Both of these pots are commercial grade and would be totally out of our price range if we had to buy them brand new. Growing up in the restaurant business I can spot these expensive commercial tools and then "let the bargaining begin". They needed to be scrubbed down but then "whalla" they are brand new. Just to get an idea of how much these pots cost brand new, the one that Dean is cleaning would start anywhere between $200 and $300 dollars. The best thing about these cooking tools they will last forever (if you take good care of them). These older pots are better than brand new ones because they are made out of better and thicker aluminum. Well, that is your cooking utensil lesson for the week. Thank you Lord for your blessings! And thank you guys for all the "elbow grease".

1 comment:

Tr said...

Scrub scrub scrub a dub dub.
Dean is a great pot scrubber!. We miss that here at home!

Bless you all from CA