Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heading Back to California

Daniel and Sosimo, I just want to write you guys and tell you how proud we are of both of you. You went to Korea to serve at CCDaejeon and did a wonderful job. Your lives have impacted all those who are around you and I know that they will never forget your love and support you gave to the people there. Daniel, your gifting is evident in the way that you lead worship and your willingness to serve. Thank you for stepping out in faith again with the recent retreat that you did. Sosimo, your giftings are evident in the way that you are always open to do whatever is told of you, be it cleaning, teaching the Word or just being a support to those around you. You both finished well in Asia and are a great example of what a missionary should be like. Even though you both were no longer with us in Okinawa we knew that you were still here in Asia (just around the corner) with your presence gone we are going to miss you both. There are still times that we make reference to you guys and the funny things that you did. Boy! We sure did have some great times here laughing our heads off! We love you both and miss you already! Again, thank you guys, your family back at Living Water are welcoming back two Men of God who arrive on the shores with the words "well done good and faithful servants". Words cannot really express how I feel at this time. Thank you for being men of faith willing to step out and see what the Lord would do! With deep love and fond affection, Tommy.
For the rest of us, please leave a kind word, short story, and or words of love for our brothers.


Anonymous said...

Daniel and Sosi!
We are missin' you!
The Lord is doing a great work in you and through you! You have left everlasting imprints on the communities in Oki and in Korea!
Never stop living for the Kingdom!

Love the Newells

Anonymous said...

This is the work of God. we all are involved in prayer and support. Thank you all for your faithfullness. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him."

Philippians 2:13 Love you Karolina.

Yasutomo said...

Daniel and Sosi...hmm..I still remember you two first came to Okinawa back in 2005(?), well long time ago. Daniel, I still remember you totally surprised and blessed me with your talent in Worship and especially your heart for Jesus, always looking for opportunity to serve. Sosi, I remember even though you are younger than I, You had no fear to go up and talk to new people, showing the Love and always smile on face. I am totally blessed with this wonderful relationship God had given me with you guys. Love you guys. Keep serving Jesus!

Anonymous said...


enough said! haahaa! God bless guys!

*Phil. 1:6*

The Barrios Family said...

May God continue to use you. We are so bless to have great brothers like you. We will be praying for both of you. We miss you all so much. Hope to see you both again. With Much Amor.

Torres Family said...

Awesome guys..true inspiration to all..

E-Da said...

ha ha so many stories like the time one of these two slept in a diaper after the Daddy shower and the time that the other put Kool-Aid into the filter of a Brita water filter thinking it would come out Mixed. LOL!!!!!! golly i'm going to miss the two.

Anonymous said...

Ok.... I never heard about that Brita filter thingy... that HAD to be Sosi, and it had to be done when we were not around. . . SOSIMO!!! we miss you two mokososos, but you left a great impressions & you guys were faithful in the ministry. Your Oki momma,


Anonymous said...

Susumu kun and Daniel,

Even though you guys scared me several times, i still love you.. heeh heeh.
Sosi and Daniel, thanks for all the encouragement and the entertainment.
May God's Grace continue to fill you with the Spirit and lead and guide your steps.
Love you guys alot.

Sosi, you're Jp. name Susumi means to "go forward" and not "backward" but "forward!" Keep on running but don't run to the airport! hahaha
Daniel, you better watch out, someone is behind you ready to scare you!

with Love, Kayo

Anonymous said...