Saturday, August 29, 2009

Numbers 25 - Can one righteous act make the difference? You better believe it baby! Look at Phinehas when the Israelite brought the Midianite woman in defiance right in front of Moses and the congregation of the Lord. He was telling everyone “I don’t care what Moses says, I am going to commit sex with this girl no matter what anyone says”. He took her to the tent or as Allen says “the Israelite started committing the sex act right in front of the people”. Phinehas takes a spear in his hand and runs it through the both of them. The plague stops. God honors what Phinehas does and latter he is honored again in Ps. 106:30-31. The people were worshipping baal of Peor “lord of the gap”. satan tries to fill the gaps in our lives with the “sin of this world”. With what are you filling the “gaps” of your time? Or I should say, what is satan filling the “gaps” of your time with? Maybe it is time to take out our “spiritual spears” and thrust through the areas of sin in our life. It will definitely stop the plague that is destroying your spiritual walk. One righteous act can make the difference.

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