Monday, August 31, 2009

They Made It!

The Spearman's are now in Tokorozawa, Pastor Travis sent us this picture when they arrived. Little Evan is looking for something, it looks like Rusty stole his burger. Watch out Evan, this is the beginning of things to come, first your burger, then your sushi, what next? Keep your eyes on your video games. Great to see you both made it safe to the Mainland.


Jesse S. said...

Yeaaah! Rusty and Amber! you made it! woot! Ganbatte as you serve the Lord over there! Teeeeeam up!

E-Da said...

:( i'm missing you guys sooo much already. you have no idea, but i can't be greedy and keep you here. :(
God is going to grow you two in ways you never expected and He is going to work through you in awesome ways too.
i love and miss you both!!!!