Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful Cape Zampa

DSC09298DSC09293DSC09292 My camera was giving me a little trouble, but the pictures still look great. Cape Zampa was also famous during WWII because it was here that the American Forces first landed in the Battle of Okinawa. In this bottom picture is Suicide Cliffs. It is here that during the war, the peasant Okinawans committed Suicide instead of surrendering to the American Forces. They were lied to by the Imperial Army. To many of the Okinawans, the American GI’s were heros at that time. Kayo also stated to me that on the internet this place is still used for group suicides. Please pray for us to be able to reach these people who feel that they have no hope. Look at the Joy of the Lord that these girls have in the upper picture. Izak tried to get into the act, but we booted him out.

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