Monday, September 28, 2009

God Bless You Ira!

DSC09272DSC09274 God bless you bro, it is a bummer to see you leave the island. We are all going to miss you so much. It reminds me of the time that Captain Mark Davis left the island (Keegan’s Dad). He was such a blessing to all the students. I don’t know how many times the students got hurt and you bandaged them up (literally). Thank you Ira for all the blessings. For the rest of us, please leave a comment on how Ira has blessed you, and or how Ira “patched you up” with his medical skills.


Anonymous said...

BoooHoo!!! We are going to miss Mr. Ira. . He was always on "call" with the college, and many a time we would just say, "I have this thing???" And then he would give you a on the spot cause & remedy! Amazing. Best memory though, as he was fixing flats on the bike tires, he also help Asa make a contraption out of junk from outside, on rolling a ball from point A to B. . Not many officers might take that time to be patient with a crazy little creative kid. THanks Mr. Ira - - we will miss all 3 of you when you are gone.
Joanna & Asa

Abraham said...

A big thank you to Mr. Ira and his whole family. Encouraging me and teaching me the values of serving one another as Christ Himself did. Always cheerful and I pray to GOD Almighty for His great and awesome blessings upon you and and your whole family. May your work continue to be a pleasing service to GOD and a model for us to follow.
Thank you Ira.

Simon said...

Sir, You always encouraged me and all Teen Challenge guys. Thank you so much and I will pray for you!
God bless you!

Kayli said...

Ira checked my sunburn. Thanks Ira!

The Barrios family said...

Ira, NO!!!! I remember Dave being all Mr. Macho. He was lifting weights @ foster gym and messed up his neck. LOL Mr. Ira came to the rescue with the remedies. Thanks Ira and family you guys are the best. We miss you all!!! Con Mucho Amor