Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please Pray for American Samoa

Today there was an 8.3 earthquake hitting American Samoa (Foxnews). There have been at least 34 people reported dead. Pago Pago harbor was hit hard, so was the village of Leone. We have spent time there in the past at both those areas. Please pray for our brothers and sisters at CCSamoa. We have not heard anything from them yet. If you do hear any news please write it in the comment button below. Also, check out this other site
God bless you, Pastor Tommy

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Anonymous said...

This was taken off Facebook from Sheba Saigio, from CC Samoa... please continue to pray for samoa...zenora told me that a mother & her daughter was on their way to their school & they happen to be in pago when the tsumani hit...the mom died and they haven't found the girl...many areas areas have been destroyed especially the east & west end of the island.
From Karla Jennings FB, "The village of Leone was devasted"
Updates posted from friends tags on Facebook, by Joanna