Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Present from Wakayama

Pictures by Izadbndznbzxnb wethsdhhdf Rob got a cool gift in the mail, his friends from Mainland Japan sent him a case of Micans (Japanese tangarines) they taste excellent. Well, these guys look great, they still look healthy. We love you guys and miss you both, we miss you all in Okinawa. Also, Rob, save me a mican, seriously bro, just put one in the freezer (chest freezer) and I will eat it when I get back. It will thaw out great.

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Anonymous said...

Those mikans look sooooo tasty!. Miss ya guys. Hope everything is well. Rob and Edder, two guys I wouldn't mind sharing my tangarines with. God bless. Hey Tommy, thanks for the Tinflas photo! Funny. Love ya brothers.

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david and familia