Wednesday, January 27, 2010

John Michael in Tokyo

Praise the Lord John Michael is back from Korea and now in Mainland Japan. He is staying with the Boek's for a week, and then will return back to Okinawa. He is hanging with Emi today and from the picture it looks warmer in Tokyo than here in Okinawa. God bless you both, we are looking forward to seeing both Emi and John Michael next week.

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Kentaro said...

Hehe, definitely colder in Tokyo than in Oki, sorry! It's 12 C right now in Tokyo and 21 in Oki. Also, the pic was at the top of the mountain, where the temperature was 6 C. But, we had just climbed the mountain, so it didn't feel cold haha ;) Not to mention, it's warmer than the rest of the winter has been, so our bodies are used to the temperatures and it feels warmer.