Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Good Lunch

DSC09064DSC09060DSC09062DSC09063DSC09061 We took the new guys to one of our favorite places to eat “the Karage Joing”. Well, it is not called that, but that is what we call it, because it has the best Chicken Karage on the Island. Check out that heapin set of boneless white chicken meat. No one has been able to eat it all as of yet. Keli’i came close but did not finish his rice. The plate is bigger than Justin’s head. It was delicious!


Anonymous said...

karage... oishii soo!
this batch of students is getting it good.

Kentaro said...

That was my first lunch in Okinawa... looooong time ago ;-)

Trevor said...

When you're only 17 you have no right to use the phrase "long time ago" Kentaro!

PS - I know you're 18 now, same difference man.

cleansed_by_blood33 said...

oooohhhhh so good! im pretty sure i conquered that mess though! man im hungry for that right now! miss it so much!

-adam jahnkow

Damian said...

That looks so amazing, impossible to find anything that amazing here in the UK! Quite unfortunate!