Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey, Goya Man!

DSC09241Yoshua is one of our Japanese Bible College Students. He used to work full time but gave us his career to attend Bible College. This was his first major outing with the group. As you can tell he was a little excited. This is a “goya” cut out. What is goya? Well, thank you for asking. Goya is a famous vegetable that grows well in Okinawa. There are many health benefits of eating goya. It is said to keep you cool in the Summer, and also to help lower “high blood pressure”. Amost all Okinawan’s eat goya, it does take some time to get use to it, in the west it is known as “bitter melon”.

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May God bless you and I know the Lord has the perfect job for you after Bible College is done. Stay well my friend.

David and family.