Monday, March 29, 2010

Saying Bye is so Difficult

DSC09692To be honest there were some tears last night. (in order) Abraham, Tomoyuki, Mariko and Trevor are all heading to Mainland Japan. Abraham and Tomoyuki are heading to the Tokyo area to begin jobs, Mariko is heading to Fuchu to attend school, and Trevor will begin a new ministry in Hokkaido. Trevor will begin assisting Stephen at the new  CCSapporo. We are going to miss all 4 of these wonderful people. “Thank you Lord for sending these people to us, and use them in a wonderful way.”

It is very interesting; Commodore Perry once said “Okinawa will be the gateway to the Orient”. Also there have been numerous prophecies that God was going to use Okinawa to reach all of Mainland Japan. This is not the beginning, but God is sending 4 more soldiers into His work on the Mainland.


Anonymous said...

It was a blessing to serve you and serve with you while you were here in Okinawa. Excited to see the Lord's continual hand in your life!!! Continue to listen to the Lord and Trust His leading. Follow the Good Shepherd where ever He leads.
-Tim, Ayu and Masaki Newell

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for you all.
God bless!Take care!

irma and ira