Monday, April 19, 2010

Inka Boyz – Peruvian Masterpiece

DSC09879DSC09882DSC09884 DSC09885 DSC09881The Inka boyz came and blessed the Bible College Students with  a rockin meal on Saturday night. They slaved over the kitchen cookin up a fabulous Authentic Peruvian Dinner. The soup was “out of this world”, Anna Hebel does not usually like soup but she went back for seconds. Everyone ate way beyond their means, it was sooooo good! You just could not get one plate. Thank you Kevin and Nick, we were all so blessed!


The Barrios Family said...

Hey that looks like Lomo saltado. Yummmy! Hey Inca I still need the recipe. I miss the soup as well. Hope all of you enjoyed this wonderful food. My family was so blessed when they came over to cook for us. I cant wait to try to make this on my own. God Bless CCG.

ina said...

Hey I was just going to ask if it was Lomo Saltado. :) Pretty sweet deal.
Thinking about and praying for all you Okinawa guys, God bless fam!