Monday, April 26, 2010

Tebow a Bronco!

getimage.aspxVery interesting in the NFL draft this year; Tim Tebow the Florida Gators standout quarterback was picked in the first round quite early in the NFL Draft. Many people thought that it was a wrong decision. Many believed that the Denver Broncos were making a “Huge mistake” in wasting their first round draft pick. They believed that they could have waited much longer in the draft and chose a better player. But the Broncos were not the only team interested in this “Star Born Again Quarterback”. Read the inside story quote from Yahoo sports;

“Pretty much every commentator agrees that Josh McDaniels took a big risk by taking Tebow, but apparently he wasn't the only one willing to do so. The Broncos traded up to get Tebow because they knew Buffalo wanted him, too, Yahoo! Sports reports.”

It is stated that Tim Tebow is probably the “Greatest College Football Player Ever” but they say what hurts him is that he is a “Born Again Christian”. It will be interesting to follow his NFL career. His Bronco coach has been quoted 3 times in the 5 minute interview stating that “Tim is a Quarterback” And he made it clear that Tebow's primary goal is to become a starting quarterback, no gimmicks attached. (ESPN Sports)

Again, people say it was a “waste” to draft him so early, but clearly others were interested in him too. Pray for our brother Tebow that God will use him in an incredible way.

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