Monday, June 28, 2010

Wild Taxi Ride


The taxi ride from HK Airport to the hotel is supposed to take 50 minutes. The taxi driver took us through the mountain and we got there in 30 minutes. He saved us 20 minutes. But it was a fun, wild ride! Towards the end we were kind of getting queasy. On the way to the airport, it was a nicer drive, it was pouring rain, but the scenery was beautiful! You could see the beautiful islands and the ocean as we served through the mountain. Again, Joe got a little sick, but he was daijobu! This time the driver got us there in 25 minutes. These taxi drivers are awesome! Also, the cool thing is that we had 6 people total in the taxi, plus all our luggage! He just strapped it down and away we went!

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Airport Limo said...

great experience with wild life.