Sunday, October 31, 2010

Visit to Germany

IMG_0415The Perry’s were visiting in Germany and dropped in on a visit with “you know who” Gerson and his wife Brittney! They also have a new baby boy! Praise the Lord! Josh and Christy had a blessed time. But now they are in Israel, so please continue to keep them in your prayers. God bless you Perry’s and God bless you Gerson and family!


Anonymous said...

that's amazing!!! So cool to see Gershon again, and I remember talking to his "future" wife when he was here on skype..God bless all you guys


Tamiko said...

Gerson and Brittney!! And Germany!!
Chooo sugoi!!! What a blessing to see them all together.

The Barrios Family said...

Awesome, miss you all so much. We will make sure to pray for you all. ;)