Friday, March 11, 2011

Focused Prayer

We spent the whole time in prayer for Mainland Japan tonight. We were really focused in prayer for all the Calvary's and vision on how they can outreach with God's love during this difficult time. Please join with us in prayer.


Giving Your Best - 2010 said...

glad to hear you folks are doing OK...definitely in agreemaent in prayer for Mainland Japan. God's Blessings to you & family.
much alofas,

マタイ・ファーナム said...

Praying down here too.

Anonymous said...

Praying for those who have lost love ones and those who are in the middle of distress that they would know how much Jesus loves them and wants to comfort them and provide for their needs. Praying for believers in Japan that they would be equipped with supernatural wisdom and direction on how to reach those who are hurting and in need. God has his people in specific places at specific times for specific reasons. Praying for encouragement and comfort.
Love from Alaska,
Kelly Kendall