Saturday, April 30, 2011

e3missions milestone: 117 posts

Well, here we go, in the almost 7 years we have been posting here at e3missions, we have hit a milestone; 117 posts. Honesty there was not a real push to post so much, just a lot happening this month. We started off the month with the Korea trip, then we went to Guam, don't forget Easter, the Tohoku Relief Trip, Nagano, and the Calvary Japan Conference. I should also mention that on many of these trips we threw in the worship conferences that were held in Korea, Guam and Nagano. It is exciting following Jesus Christ! Who said being a Christian is boring? No way! Just check out the past posts, there was a lot going on.

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Regi:Create said...

What is special about 117 that made it a milestone? How cool!