Saturday, April 30, 2011

Personal Thoughts

Time has gone by so fast this month and there are a few things that have been on my heart. For the last couple of months I have been going through some personal struggles dealing with Hannah leaving for the States. You know when Zach left Okinawa it was difficult during that last hour before we departed. At that point it hit me super hard, like a freight train realizing that my son will be going to College and things will never be the same. He was and still is my best friend as he is a part of my life everyday (my daily training partner). But as he went to Bible College I saw him grow and abound in the Lord Jesus Christ. And when the Lord allowed him to come back to Okinawa and serve at the Bible College and Church it was such a joy. As he prepares to leave Okinawa again at the end of the summer I look with anticipation on what the Lord will do as we begin CCBC in Tokyo. But there is another thing on my heart.
As I have been reflecting on Hannah leaving the past few months and they have been super difficult. The hardest have been looking at pictures of her when she was a little girl and asking the questions "where did time go"? We used to make fun of Michal because when we talked about Zach leaving in the early days she would say "I don't want to talk about it" because it upset her so much. We would laugh and laugh at her and tell her to not get so emotional. But the shoe is on the other foot now, as I have been the one who "does not want to talk about it". But then something happened on Easter that I did not expect; While I was teaching on John 20 at least 4 times the Lord tells the Disciples "Peace". I was telling the congregation that God was going to give them peace, peace in the difficult situations that they are going through and will go through in the future. Then all of a sudden there was a revelation, like God spoke right to my heart "Tom, that peace is for you too". Wow! It hit me hard! Yes! That peace is for me too, then God flooded my heart with His peace.
Today I look with anticipation and great joy that Hannah will be leaving Okinawa to embark on the greatest time in her life; Bible College at Murrieta. Like so many gals before her she will receive her calling and equipping for all that He has in store for her life. Like I told my son, 3 years ago "Bible College was the loneliest and greatest time of my life". It was the loneliest because I had to move away from my family and friends, but the greatest time in my life because all I had to do was study, eat and sleep. No pressure from a secular job, no bills to pay, just studying the Word of God.
I am still going to miss Hannah greatly, but I am filled with the joy and Peace of God, a peace that He gave me, knowing that He has her in the palm of His Hand. Thank you Jesus for your peace.


'lil Servant Girl said...

Praise God that he has given us both a peace that surpasses all knowlege and understanding. I know that God will bless us both for the steps of faith that we are taking as a family. You are the best dad anyone could have and I'm not worried about leaving oki because both you and mom have trained this child up in the Way of the Lord. Love you dad. And I can't wait to spend another day on the island with you!

DEAN said...

beautiful testimony