Monday, August 20, 2012


Tuesday early morning we will be flying out of Darwin at 3AM. There are many things to reflect on with our stay here in the Northern Territory. Many of you do not know why we are even here in Darwin. This adventure really began about 10 years ago when Pastor Eric Sorian had a vision to come to Darwin as God gave him this vision for a missions trip. Well, Pastor Eric went to be with the Lord 4 years ago and never was able to make this trip. Eric was always supportive with me and my family moving to Okinawa Japan and has always given me encouraging words while being a missionary oversees. So when he passed away Darwin was always in my heart knowing that he wanted to come here. Last year news began to spring up with the military pact that President Obama and the Prime Minister of Australia signed to have 2,700 US military stationed here in Darwin. When I heard that news I began to pray more and then spoke to the guys if they were interested in taking "another step of faith". They were in and next thing you know we were buying our tickets and less than 6 months later we are on ground in the country.
Most of this trip has been one of exploring, sightseeing and praying. Our goal is clear. In the next two years we would like to plant a church and Bible College in this area and we will actively wait upon the Lord to continue to open doors for the near future. If Jesus comes back in the mean time Praise God! But we will continue to go forward in His Name battling and doing battle for His Kingdom. We are all in a race, and this race is a marathon and not a sprint. So the baton has been passed to us; and this baton began as a dear brother Pastor Eric Sorian had a vision, a vision for Darwin, Australia.

Pastor Tommy

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Darwin is a great spot, loved the sunset photo.