Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heading to Peru

I leave today Okinawa to Shanghai, spend the night in Shanghai, then Shanghai to California. I will be in Cali for two days then head to Lima, Peru. I arrive in Lima around 8am and will then head out to teach at one of the Calvary's in Lima. Then back to the airport that later afternoon to catch my flight to Cajamarca. Classes begin Monday morning. I will be teaching the book of Matthew for two weeks; twice a day 3 hour classes each. The elevation in Cajamarca is 9,000 ft above sea level. (For us Cali folks, the top of the ski lift on Big Bear mountain is 9,000 ft above sea level.) It is going to make for some interesting runs and early morning training in that altitude. Please pray for strength, wisdom, good health and vision for coming events and future steps of faith.

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