Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Man Dies on the Plane

It was such a sad event as you can imagine. About 2 hours into our close to 14 hour flight an older man who was sitting to the left hand side isle to me stood up from his seat. He had some health problems as he had an oxygen small tube connected to his nose. He seemed fine but when he went to the bathroom he collapsed. They called a doctor on board to help but to no avail. After a long while of giving him CPR they were unable to revive him. He was of India decent over 6' tall a larger heavier man. As you can imagine his wife was frantic. I did my best to bring comfort to his wife, prayed for her and gave her the best compassion that I could. This was the difficult part; the Chinese as well as many Asian people are very superstitious. Because the man died no one wanted to sit by him because of ghosts and they made it so clear. Even to the point that they did not want to put their luggage close to the dead man's luggage and one lady was adamant about it. We kind of got into it a little as she was "cramming" her luggage into another persons space. We had a few words along the line of "so the ghosts cannot cross over to your seat". (I thought about it, I could have freaked everyone out if I would have told them I saw ghosts, but I didn't, but I was tempted, i was a little upset.) I finally gave up my seat for another lady that was frantic and I sat in the "ghost seat". Honestly, I had a lot of room, but I spent a lot of time praying for the deceased man's wife. It was a sad situation, it was truly heartbreaking.

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